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Thread: Back after 6 years

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    Hello everyone~ I am a player 7 years ago~ very very happy and cherished ~ cracked developers and staff ~ let this good game life continue ~ I am from Taiwan ~:wink3:

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    I just started back myself. My sister and I played beta and she has played all along but I stopped. I've been playing Ark but I need to spend time with her in her game as she does in mine.

    So now I have to figure out which of my characters stands the best chance of survival. so very much has changed.

    My 2 highest characters are 61 rogue and 65 mage. I have others but they are all 50's.
    I also have most of the souls and will be getting the rest soon.

    Any suggestions are welcome

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    Rogue and Mage are both excellent choices for full free2play.
    You don't need to purchase soul packs to provide max dps specs and basic tanking(rogue) or healing(mage/rogue).
    Since there are quite alot of rogues around in comparison, you may will have a good time on mage.

    I assume you may end up as time-time casual playr with maybe a little pvp. Playing alongside a trusted friend defenitly is a big plus.
    Try Pyro as it hits hard, is mobile and has good cc(silence, disarm, root)
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    Default I too . .

    have just returned from a rather long hiatus from rift. I deleted ALL my old chars and started fresh.

    Name: Liadna
    Server: Greybriar (PvE)
    Rolepay: yes

    just trying to get into the swing of things. I do LOVE the souls. Makes each character quite unique!

    welcome back, perhaps we might run into one another someday. Close some rifts together

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    with tactician, you can create a valid rogue build.. 58/18 for self heals/survial.. mm/tact

    for mage.. probably anything may do well.. for levelling/survival/solo+duo..
    elementalist + chloro for some heals can do nice.. can use the tank pet as tank.. and heal at distance while doing ranged damage

    pyro + 8 chloro for bloom cast that heals you or your friend is also an option. can combine that with some stormcaller for aoe or ele for the scrit.

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