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Thread: Confused returning player

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    Default Confused returning player

    I am thinking about playing Rift. Frankly, I've gotten a tired of WoW and want to get away from it--at least for a while. I purchased Rift when the game first came out (literally day 1) and played for a bit and really liked it but didn't stick around because I was too invested in WoW. Frankly, I am shopping for a different game. I know Rift is free to play and I am going to check it out but if I decide to stay, I will be a subscriber. My question is, if I decide the stay and I want the entire game, not just the free to play stuff, what all do I need to buy? I looked at the store but I am bit confused. I see there are a couple of expansions, do I have to buy them all (potential deal-breaker)? The most recent? I honestly tried to research for myself what all was needed but I'm not getting a comprehensive answer from my research. Please help. Thank you.

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    You can play the game and all of the expansion content for free. No need to sub or anything. The entire world is open for everyone.

    The primalist class and some of the additional soul options are behind paywalls. If you purchase them once they're unlocked for your entire account. You'll probably want to buy at least the "Ascended essentials" pack.

    If you subscribe you get the patron benefits, bonus xp, extra money on quest completion, no death penalties, and much faster planarite and token currency gains. It does make the leveling process a lot easier, and has a ton of added niceties.
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    If you like the game it would be a good idea to buy one of the soulpacks. For leveling these are not necessary unless you want to play Primalist.

    The Ascended Essentials Pack contains all souls (except Mystic Archer) and the package is available from Steam for 11.99 € (70 % cheaper than the normal price)

    Storm Legion Souls
    • Tempest (Warrior - Damage)
    • Harbinger (Mage - Damage)
    • Defiler (Cleric - Damage)
    • Tactician (Rogue - Support)

    Nightmare Tide Souls
    • Arbiter (Mage - Tank)
    • Liberator (Warrior - Healer)
    • Oracle (Cleric - Support)
    • Physician (Rogue - Healer)

    Primalist Calling and Souls
    • Titan (Primalist - Tank)
    • Preserver (Primalist - Healer)
    • Vulcanist (Primalist - Damage)
    • Dervish (Primalist - Damage)
    • Typhoon (Primalist - Damage)
    • Berserker (Primalist - Damage)
    • Predator (Primalist - Damage)
    • Farseer (Primalist - Healer)
    • Primal Lord (Primalist - Damage)
    • Mystic (Primalist - Support)

    Ascended Souls
    • Warchanter (Warrior - Healer)
    • Runeshaper (Cleric - Damage/Support)
    • Frostkeeper (Mage - Healer)
    • Maelstrom (Primalist - Damage)
    • Shadeborn (Rogue - Damage)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayson7 View Post
    My question is, if I decide the stay and I want the entire game, not just the free to play stuff, what all do I need to buy?
    Do yourself, and your wallet, a favour - don't buy anything until you are at least 65, unless you absolutely want to play Primalist. Which is not exactly the easiest of classes for a newbie. So.... I suggest you don't.

    Other than that, when you do get near 65, I can add a +1 to the Ascended Essentials. The reason for those you will find in the various spec guides, but they only become important once you hit 65 and can get Legendary Talent points. Before that, those souls are good, but not required while you level, so save the money.

    If you find yourself loving the game and want to get some of the Loyalty benefits (that bar on top of the shop window), buy one of the 20-30 dollar/euro packs that contain a bunch of loyalty. It will help a lot.

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    First of all, thank you all for taking the time to reply. Bamul, thanks for the tip on the Ascended Essentials Pack. I can drop a quick $11.99 regardless of whether I stay or not. I see that Free to Play restricts Auction House use as well as maximum amount of Platinum. It states that these restrictions are "lifted with any credit pack purchase or credits purchased through REX." Would these restrictions be lifted even if I purchased the pack on Steam (where it is on sale dirt cheap) instead of Trion's store? Would me having already purchased the game way back when count if the Steam purchase doesn't? Thanks again.

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    It is not being free to play that limits your auction house and max plat, it is being below a certain loyalty tier
    Loyalty is earned whenever you spend money on the game, and it should have back dated to your original purchase and sub time, so you may already have some loyalty accumulated and the restrictions removed.
    if not, then i do believe the minimum spend is just 5 to gain enough loyalty to get those restrictions removed, you 'should' earn loyalty from steam purchases too, usually the pack will say on it if it doesn't grant in game loyalty.

    as the others have said, rift is completely free except those few souls and some QoL stuff.
    I highly recommend the essentials pack too, and maybe a couple of months of patron once you hit level 65 to make the 65-70 journey and gearing at 70 a little easier for you.

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    The main concern about this game is that of expectations. While there is a lot of content for a new person to experience, nothing significant has been added in recent years. Since you're a WoW player, I'll use this example:

    Imagine if you just started WoW but the last time new end-game stuff was added was around the MoP period. There's still a lot of stuff to do, but it might not be the right game to get invested in if you want "new" stuff.

    With Rift, people are running the same raids they've been running for the last 5 years because that's about as new as it gets.

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