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Thread: Storm Legion - Rift prime packs

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    Default Storm Legion - Rift prime packs

    Does anyone know if there will be any new Rift Prime packs similar to Primogenitor pack for the release of Storm Legion? I wanted to start playing again on the Fresh prime server so I was going to buy The Primogenitor pack and start unless some newer and better ones are coming tomorrow with the release of storm legion.

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    Hot off the presses! New pack(s) datamined by Clowd!

    Prime Tempest Pack
    > To celebrate your purchase of the Prime Tempest Pack, we'd like to award you with a Mecha Crucia Broodling mount, Storm Warden’s Cape, Mini Regulos companion pet and a Brevanic Portal Generator! They're also available for any other character on your account!

    Rising Storm Power Pack
    > Unlocks a Crucia Broodling mount, Ascended Cape Box, Packmaster's Reward Cache and 15 Days of Patron for your account.

    Prices as yet unknown

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    Default hi, pls someone help me pls

    im not the best english speaker but ill try to explain

    i bought progenitor pack and and get instant 30 days patron . ok
    but when i notice the server was with low population i just lvled my mage to 50 and keep my 2x vounches of 15 days patron to use close to the SL expansion
    yesterday i used one code and dint get patron status or prime acess
    tryed with the other, and it already apply again but i dint get any permission
    tryed to contact suport but they reply with this mensage

    -----After looking into this for you, it appears that you already used that voucher on your account on October 1st. As that is the case, it will not grant the contents of the voucher to your account again.----

    sure it aplyed but if aplyed why i dint get nothing from it? someone got the same problem?
    on this event double credits, i thinked to buy 17000 credits, but dont want to loss my 30 days patrons for noone reason, when i bought it, the sale image clearely shows " u can give it for one friend or use on your acount as u whant"
    i dont wanna to loss my 30 days patrons if i payd like 2x the price of 1month patron
    i dont wanted the lion mount or the portrait i just want to play.
    pls help me





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