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Thread: 7 Tipps and Tricks for Newcomers

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    Lightbulb 7 Tipps and Tricks for Newcomers

    7 Tipps and Tricks for Newcomers-wearetelara.jpg

    Everyone has once been a new player and might remember how lost you were in those first hours within the game. You will run into problems, have tons of questions and later learn that there would have been super easy solutions or useful tricks that would have made your journey easier. Here I want to share 7 tipps and tricks that I regularly advise to newcomers.

    1. Get 9 days of FREE patron time!
    Patron is the optional subscription in RIFT, which comes with nice bonuses and convenience perks. When you hit level 8 with your first character, you'll automatically receive 3 days of free patron time for your account. You might already know that, but did you know that you can actually get 9 days of free patron? Yes, thats right! Patron time counts for your whole account, so it doesn't matter on which cluster (EU/NA/PTS) you play, however you'll receive 3 free days on your first level 8 character on each cluster and yes, they do add up! You can either do this directly when you start (make one level 8 character on each cluster, on PTS you can even copy one from EU or NA over and it works) or you keep the other 2 clusters for later, for example for a Friday to use the bonuses over the weekend. Or you use the patron time to freely try out the Prime server. Neat, huh?

    2. The Huntsman Bag - a real bagspace bargain!
    Bagspace is always short, and especially for a brand new player with only 3 bag slots you'll soon hit your limit. There is a "Bags" category in the RIFT store, where you can get some starter bags for platinum, the main in game currency. With increasing bag space, the price for them gets higher, but wait?! Why is the 18-slot Huntsman Bag only 4p when the 10-slot bag was already 9p? Noone really knows, however 18-slot bags for 4p is really a bargain and you should get 2 of these for your 2nd a and 3rd bag slot asap.

    3. You get a free 90% mount on level 20!
    Once you hit level 10, you'll be able to claim the "Ascended Chest" (free) from the RIFT store, which you can open every 10 levels (and once on level 65) and always contains some nice stuff for your character. It's especially nice to know that you'll receive a free 90% mount on level 20 in this chest (and a free 110% mount on level 50), so you don't have to buy one yourself. I would even recommend to not buy a 60% mount, as you'll probably only use it for 1-2 hours before you get the free 90% mount and can better use the 2,5p for some bags (see point 2).

    4. Guilds have perks - and you want them!
    While you might want to adventure alone until you hit the end game, you should still consider joining a real guild (not the starter one you get thrown in at character creation). Why? Guilds have perks that increase for example your coin drop, planarite, favor and notoriety gain and they give you special abilities such as a raid resurrection, a reduced soulwalk cooldown and more. So wether you directly look for "the" guild or just ask around to join a "just for perks" leveling guild first is your choice, but in any case it'll be beneficial for your progression through the game!

    5. Ascend-a-Friend
    As most MMORPGs, Rift also has a referral system. If you use the referral link of someone at account creation or their referral code directly after (before you hit level 8 I think, as the Patron status will count as purchase and then lock you for using referral codes), both you and the referrer will get bonuses. In the best case, you'll take a friends code, as you'll get the ability to summon each other and also get XP bonus when in group and leveling together. You'll also automatically get all your characters on each others friendslists. If you don't have a friend to start the game with tho (or already plays the game), you can just use anyones code to receive a free 20-slot bag, a weapon VFX enchantment and a cape skin on all of your characters. Your referrer will get some referral coins for each real money purchase you do, with which he can buy vanity items. If you don't want a random person to get these coins and have your characters added to his friends list and vice versa, you can also just make a 2nd account and refer yourself.

    6. Play Trove get free stuff in RIFT
    One of Trion's other games is Trove, a voxel-MMO. It might be your type of game or not, however you'll receive some nice rewards in RIFT if you do. Once your character in Trove hits level 5, 10 and 20, you'll automatically get free stuff on all your RIFT characters. On level 5 you will receive a dimension key (housing), on level 10 you will receive a special cape appearance unlocked and on level 20 you will receive Vox the budgie mount. As you'll receive this mount on all your characters, it also means all your alts will now start with a free 60% mount on level 1 in their mailbox! Neat!

    7. The RIFT "Ultimate GOTY Edition"
    A long time ago Trion released the RIFT "Ultimate GOTY Edition" a nice box that included the base game with 30 days subscription and both the Collector's Edition items and the Ashes of History vanity items (2 mounts, a pet, a portable banker, a faction tabard and a 24-slot bag instead of your normal backpack). Nowadays this Edition gives you 30 days of patron time, 7000 loyalty points and the collector's items mentioned before. You'll find those old boxes or digital keys in the internet for around 5-6$, but please be careful with shady keysellers (in Germany you can find them on Amazon for example). If you're willing to spend money and get hands on one of these boxes/keys, it's really the best bang for the buck.

    Bonus Tipps
    • Don't be shy to ask questions or to ask for help in chat. The Rift community is very welcoming and helpful to new players.
    • Don't be disencouraged to continue by the small amount of players you see in low level zones or no dungeons and warfront queues popping up. Rift is 7 years old and most players are in the latest expansion (level 65-70).
    • Join the Heroes of Telara Discord to ask questions, chat about the game, maybe find a guild and get news about the game.

    I hope these tipps and tricks help you to have a good start in Telara. See you around and happy huntin'!
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