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Thread: Live or Prime

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    Default Live or Prime

    Hello all, hope some of you can answer me this:

    If I were to level through all the content available (I have never been past lvl 30 before) would you choose Prime or Live? I guess Prime doesnt have all the content available atm but from what I understand it will come down the road.

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    On Prime you'll defenitely meet more players on your leveling journey and also have dungeon and warfront queues popping in lower levels. On live most players are level 70.

    Also on live you can level very fast with Instant Adventures (not available on prime) or ask a friend to powerlevel you. In any case I'd say you'll be level 70 faster on live than level 50 on prime.

    Also, live is free of course, while prime requires subscription to play.

    If you enjoy leveling and low level stuff and if you are a social one, Prime might be the better choice. If you want to level up fast and/or prefer solo play or just with a few friends or a guild, live serves you well.

    Personally I'd say start a character on live for free, check if you like it or not. On a certain level you'll get 3 free days of patron, so you can also test prime for free. After that, decide yourself.
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