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Thread: Suggesting all new comers PLAY Prime first.

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    Default Suggesting all new comers PLAY Prime first.

    Im going to suggest all new comers to play prime first .

    Enjoy every expansion as they come Learn the game from scratch.

    Come Join us on PRIME

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    Problem with that is there is a barrier to entry: the cost.

    I suggest that newcomers check out Live, for free, for a few days.

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    Newcomers receive a few days of patron when they first start the game. Prime gives them a taste of the game as it was (supposedly) during the hayday of it's time. That's when people enjoyed it the most. Of coarse, people can choose to play on the live servers at the same time, but maybe they would ejoy finding out what made many of us love the game in the first place. And I'm sure that the game will be really busy for a while, when Prime first starts up. Kinda disappointed to hear that we can only make two characters, but oh well. I'll survive.
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