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Thread: Loyalty for buying things with money too?

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    Default Loyalty for buying things with money too?

    In game it clearly states:

    "What is Loyalty?
    Loyalty Points are gained by consuming REX, buying and spending Credits, and special promotions."

    So....I'm new. I think that would be good.

    However, I whip out the flashy bills, credit card, hit the buttons and...oops, I bought the Ascended Essentials Pack
    with money?! /fail

    I should have bought 5,400 CREDITS? And used those to buy the
    Ascended Essentials Pack
    Because only spending credits give loyalty?

    I asked /4 and got an even more conflicting answer.
    "Yes. You get loyalty, and it is the same, for any monetary purchases. Unless it was on sale. Then you get nothing."

    So I've noticed these little quirks in a lot of the game, making me think that more than one team is working on a particular part of it.

    Can you guys have a cup of coffee, sit down and iron it out?

    I don't want to do the thing, so I don't get the thing.

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    Default everyone super busy, I understand

    Hey. I wanted to buy this today, but I'll sit it out. It's free to play. No rush.

    Maybe couple months or something. I'll check back.

    2 toons per server, I'll get stuck soon.

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    I'm not sure about the pack giving loyalty to be honest. I already had that stuff when it came out. Best advice I can give you to get a straight answer is to put that question in a ticket. It might take up to 48 hours to get a response, but they will get back to you.

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    Yes, you get loyalty for monetary purchases.

    > Maybe couple months or something. I'll check back.

    See ya!

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    if you are a new player and bought that pack, you should be able to see if you got loyalty...

    open store, click loyalty in the top menu.

    From memory.. prepaid subscription (not through patron pass) gives out the loyalty in parts every month.

    for packs bought with rl cash on the glyph/trion website, should imho give loyalty, on sale or not. You may not get as much if bought on sale instead of the original price, but it should still give loyalty.

    From memory, you did get loyalty from buying the xpacks in the past.. which was rl cash
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