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Thread: p2w or not

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    Default p2w or not

    ım a new player and ım wondering can ı have eveyrthing the payers can have and are there things that ı cant have acces to

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    Its pay to look pretty. You can grind the plat buy the Rex and get everything you want.

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    It's also pay to get strong faster, as rex = plat = gear

    It's not the end all. I know plenty of people who do not pay a dime, but it does take them a lot more farming to get where a paying player can in terms of gear and progress.
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    Agreeing with the others.

    P2W = BiS Gear for Cash

    You can get most of the way there, but you still have to grind, run raids/dungeons/do stuff. 99% of the stuff in the store is fluff. Boosts, yes. Cosmetics, oh certainly.

    But in the end, you grind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TR Seth View Post
    can ı have eveyrthing the payers can have and are there things that ı cant have acces to
    You can level all the way from level 1 to 70, you can eventually be decked out in the best gear if you raid and all for the grand price of......... zero, zip, nada, zilch, nothing, big fat zero.

    All it takes is time and as some have pointed out, a bit of a grind but Rome wasn't built in a day, MMOs are designed around being a time sink, more so when it comes to the F2P model so you put in the "work" (grind) you reap the rewards without spending a dime.

    Having said that, there's only two things you can't do/have access to if you never spent money, although one can be overcome by spending in game currency.

    You can't sell items through the Auction House until you have 1,500 Loyalty points, this is obtained by either buying a €/$5 credit pack to get 750 credits which converts to 1,500 Loyalty or you can buy a REX, which is a tradable credits currency from a player or on Auction House for in game currency and unlock selling on AH that way, you can still buy stuff from the Auction House.

    The second one will need you to be a Patron, only Patrons can pick up a monthly quest which when completed will award you with a piece of raid gear and..that's it, that is the only two differences between playing the game for free and being a Patron.
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    Pay to win?

    The term win implies that there is some form of competitive aspect to the game- which in this case would include pvp and the race among raiding guilds.

    So if your interests are simply casual content, questing, roleplay or an emphasis on dimensioneering - all of which being perfectly acceptable forms of gameplay- then the answer is "No, it isn't P2W".

    However, as described above, if you harbor any degree of interest in the competitive aspects of the game, it most definitely is considered "pay to win". If you choose to not fulfill the cost for sales privilege in the auctionhouse you'll suffer a huge obstacle to gaining game currency.

    If you choose to not spend real money on Rex, patronage or the other options available to streamline gold and gear availability, you'll endure a grind so time-consuming and arduous that you will constantly be an expansion behind everyone else, resulting in massive disadvantages in regards to "keeping up with the Jones's" in terms of competitive gear.

    Please note that I honestly don't have a problem with a company using such tactics to generate revenue, but lets not candy-coat the response when new or returning players inquire about the situation.

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