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Thread: Best tank class right now?

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    Default Best tank class right now?

    New player looking to make a tank. What would you folks say is the best tank class currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobert88 View Post
    New player looking to make a tank. What would you folks say is the best tank class currently.
    Every calling has decent tank, but only cleric tank has battle rez.
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    My guild runs a primalist and cleric tank for everything. But as I understand it like mentioned above all the classes have good tanks.

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    All the classes have some nice little unique tricks to their tank classes.

    Primalists get a beacon that give them some awesome mitigation, as well as an intercept that allows the person to teleport to them.
    Mages get a misdirect ability that makes picking up lots of stuff a breeze.
    Clerics output some healing and get a combat rez.
    Rogues have some cool teleport abilities.
    Warriors get a ton of group mitigation cooldowns.

    I find Rogue tanking the most fun, but it's all personal preference.

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    Prima has the best tank cd in the game
    Rogue has the most tank cds in the game
    Clerics have the best aoe healing and brez in the game
    Warriors have utility
    Mages have really good aoe healing, and best tank buff in the game
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    Default About tanker

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobert88 View Post
    New player looking to make a tank. What would you folks say is the best tank class currently.
    Most users say that each tank has its advantages and disadvantages,
    I do not think so.

    The balancing of the DPS is now collapsing, but the tanker spec is a little more severe than that.
    about Damage reduction.

    Rift's 4.0 Legendary System
    The basic Damage reduction system of all the tankers was destroyed.
    All tankers have different basic defenses, which can result in significant discrimination against tanker classes.

    Damage reduction rankings.

    Primalist> Mage> Rogue = Cleric = War

    The cool down ability of the tanker is not considered.

    About Dodge
    If the damage mechanics of the Raid or boss are able to Dodge, the Mage will have a tanking ability that surpasses Primal. Rogue also has better defense than Cleric or Warrior.
    however Dodge is meaningless in raid sometimes
    Even so.The fact that Cleric and Warrior, which have no synergy with Dodge at all, are at the bottom, balancing has collapsed.

    For CD mechanics
    Mage> Rogue> Cleric> Warrior = Primalist

    Most users think Primalist's CD is good, but not in Raid. If the boss's attack pattern periodically requires a large damage reduction, Primal's CD turns to the most vulnerable tanker.

    Continuous vital retention is meaningless in the Raid sometimes.

    Of course it is great in Expert dungeons.

    Up to this point,
    My subjective rankings.
    The following is a subjective view of each class-specific tanker.

    Rogue tanker
    The Rogue Tanker has very good CD skills. However, cooldowns are too long, which can often cause problems if the Boss's Large damage cycle is fast.
    Dodge is highly dependent.
    And it is quite disadvantageous in situations where sustained dodge must endure impossible physical damage. This is because the basic Damage reduction is low.
    The advantages are excellent maneuverability. This is a unique feature of the Rogue tanker. Teleportation

    Primal tanker
    The basic Damage reduction is abnormally high. If your team is a 2Cleric tanker
    If you are not able to clear the T2 raid commander, we recommend switching to Primal.
    If you are a raid team with a skilled healer, you can cover disadvantage of any tanker, but if not, Primalist will help you a lot.
    The CD skill is a little weak, but it does not really matter. Because Primalist has about 15% of the damage reduction advantages over other classes.
    Even 1 button. lol

    Mage tanker
    Mage tanker has a slightly weaker defense than Primalist. Originally, Dodge's dependence was quite high, but the basic defense is also on the top.
    And it has a lot of CD skill which is a disadvantage of Primalist.
    It also has superior maneuverability in a slightly different form than the Rogue.
    Fast moving speed.
    On the downside, the mechanics are a bit complicated. Of course, it's easy for anyone to operate with two buttons, but it's basically done through complex interactions and you'll be able to take full advantage of them when you understand them.

    Cleric tanker
    In the past,
    It was the only tanker with a healing ability and a battle rez.
    But now, in terms of healing abilities
    It seems to be somewhat lacking compared to other tankers' hybrids.
    However, he is still excellent in self-defense ability through healing.
    The default damage reduction is low and the performance of the CD is not good.
    Advantages, a significantly higher level of AE DPS capability.

    Warrior tanker
    It is depressing.
    In the past, it had a strong magical damage pattern and the highest DPS among tankers.
    In the current version, however, there is nothing quite worth mentioning.
    If I do not understand the warrior tanker,
    I will change my view if someone skilled will advise me, but at least the Warrior tanker I've seen so far has many disadvantages and no merits.
    Ah! I've found an advantage!
    This is unique! It's hard to see a warrior tanker these days.

    When I wrote a long story, I suddenly had a thought ...
    If you are a new user and prefer to play for free ... Mage, Primalist may not be your choice.
    Because the two classes can be called paid content.
    It is regrettable that the two best options ... are paid contents. But now Rift has "pay to win" form.
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