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Thread: Returning Player here

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    Default Returning Player here

    Just wanted to say hello to my fellow ascended. I haven't played this game since June of 2013 due to college classes and not having time to invest in an MMO. was wondering if there were any guilds out there that would welcome a returning player, also looking for new friends to play with. Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing adventures with others.
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    Default Welcome back!

    I too came back after an absence of several years. I created a guild for new and returning players and wed love to have you. Weve got a great group of people. Were mostly doing pve story content to get back upto speed with all the additions that have happened since many of us played last (SL in my case was last i played) and getting set to get dungeons going. We will raid eventually when we get a core group that wants that.
    FANG on Deepwood, NA. We are PST based, but have several folks in CST, and many of us work graveyard so our play times arent necessarily in line with normal PST play times anyway. We use Discord for voice and have a Band app for everything else.

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