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Thread: Minion characteristics

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    Default Minion characteristics

    Couldn't find this in another thread (odd...).

    Is there info on what each attribute returns for resources?
    Life, Air, Assassination, Death, etc

    I want to get more of certain materials. Right now, without knowing, I'm just sending the ones with the best stats instead of just Changing for the ones I want.

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    Afaik the "element" has no impact on the loot. It just increases your chance on generally better loot if the stats match with the adventure.
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    Thanks much for your reply even though it was terrible news... time for a Margarita

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    minion results...

    the adventure card has 2 attributes...

    plane (earth, water, fire, death, air, life )
    type of adventure
    assasination (knife)
    hunting (fish)
    harvesting (wood log)
    dimension (key)
    artifact (white star)
    notoriety (square card)

    The type of adventure tells the type of reward/mats you get from the adventure

    assassination = cloth, runemats, planar dust
    hunting = fish, meat, hides
    harvesting = ore, wood, plants
    dimension = dimension items, dimension key
    artifact = artifacts, dream ribbons
    notoriety = notoriety decrees, plat

    When the result is very low, you can for any adventure type get some grey mats or plat only.

    the value of the attributes on your minion card that correspond with the adventure card count for the result... higher value (25max) means better (chance at high) result.

    So an adventure card with fire and harvest will yield better result from a minion that has those 2 attributes than a water minion.

    example in order of chance at good/best result down to low result

    adventure fire/harvest

    minion fire/harvest 25 value
    minion fire 20 value
    minon fire diplomacy with fire 18 value
    minion fire/harvest 15 total value
    minion fire 10
    minion water 25
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