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Thread: REX's Problem

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    Default REX's Problem

    I'm a new on the games after going back on the games pretty mininum in hours and I wanted to resume the game with enthusiasm.
    * The question is how to have REX on the server brisesol (french)
    Since I was looking for it in the sales room no sign of sale and I wanted to know why he did thank you in advance for your answer

    P.S: I am french and I use google translation to be indulgent

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    im going to assume you were looking in the auction house for your REX
    REX is bought by players to sell in game to other players
    it is up to the player how they want to sell their REX
    most players sell REX in general chat instead of the auction house
    brisesol is a low population shard with very few REX sellers
    you will probably end up buying your REX from general chat from someone on another shard

    keep watching general chat and whisper people when they say WTS REX.
    or you can try to post a WTB REX in general chat and see if anyone replies

    i hope google can translate all this back to french for you

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