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Thread: Not New but Not Amused

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    Default Not New but Not Amused

    Good morning! I am by no means a new player, but I am a frequently-returning player who needs some rational advice.

    My main character is a 61 Mage and I absolutely abhor *no offense to Trion* the water zones that are currently advised for her level. Can not tolerate them, no matter how much coffee I have had. I am very sorry to say that I have quit the game many times over this issue.

    Are any of the newer zones, such as the WIlds-area and later additions even a possibility for her at her level?? I have tried asking in guild, but there havent been any folks online when I am for me to get any response.

    Any advice, any suggestions will be most welcome as I really do enjoy this game a lot, other than the really,truly annoying water-zones of Nightmare Tide.

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    What is the problem exactly? The underwater portions? Those are short compared to the rest of the expansion, so you could just power through.

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    If you prefer levelling solo, then you can level through those 4 levels via Intrepid IAs, however you'll still need to buy or have someone craft 65 gear for you unless you manage to get something decent from IA boxes.

    If you're playing with higher level folks (guild, friends), you can also ask someone to powerlevel you.

    Don't forget to use your XP vials if you have them but don't use the best ones you have since you'll need them for 65-70.

    You can also just decide what is it that you dislike the most about NT zones and rush through it - for example, I absolutely hate snowy zones so I always tried to just not spend time in Tarken unless I really really have to. Draumheim is probably the best one for questing since it has the jump pads you can use to avoid mobs on the way to quest points. Don't forget that NT has the Nightmare saga quest that drops a really good weapon for lvl 65, so if you're not going to powerlevel your way to 70, you might wanna get that one - it'll pay off :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by forbiddenlake View Post
    What is the problem exactly? The underwater portions? Those are short compared to the rest of the expansion, so you could just power through.
    too often you see people give up after just spending less than 5 minutes at a task.

    just go forward, damn it. the watery zone ends pretty soon.

    and if absolutely DONT want to be in the water, you can always swim up. there's small islands of coral all over the surface. this is the first thing i did when i got to the new zone.

    please tell me im not the only one who tries to apply common sense to problems FIRST, and only rages on the forums after it doesnt work?
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    Default Just swim to the wall of water and get out of it...

    That zone is short. Just ignore the fishies and swim to the far end where there is a wall of water. Swim through it and presto- you are on dry land again and will be for the majority of the Gorboro Reef zone. There is a short time questing in a lake around Atragarian Reef- but it is not critical.

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    if you are not in any kind of rush at all then just join IA and level there
    once you hit level 65 you can open all your IA caches for decent enough gear, fill in the blanks with some crafted stuff then head straight to alittu and the new expansion.

    have fun

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    Draumheim Is my favorite place to quest in the hated water zones. I also hate underwater fighting but every game has it and you are almost always out of water in these zones. And they are quite lovely to look at. The cold zones bother me more, it seems I get cold just being in them...lol

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