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Thread: Returning Player With Some Questions

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    Default Returning Player With Some Questions

    I would like to know some few questions about the game. I plan on getting Patron for a month to give the game a shot as well. I do have standard Storm Legion though (back when it was on promo on Raptr)

    1) I usually play support roles but I do understand that this game has the souls system which means that I am not locked on to a specific role depending on which souls I pick for my class however I would like to know if there is a class that could "easily" insert me to a "healer" role while giving me some decent solo-pve options? (I don't care much for PVP but I could at least heal in those instances)

    2) To fully enjoy the game (given that I do have Patron activated) which things do I have to buy from the store or how much $ would I need to spend to fully get me in the game?

    3) Which server does usually have the Oceanic population go to?

    I did read this thread (http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ing-guide.html) but would like to know if there are some updates to it.
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    Don't get too hung up on it. Your souls are only what you're using at the moment, in your current Role. - You can swap your Role out any time you are not in combat. (I don't remember how many you have to start with, but there is the option to buy and unlock more "role slots" with either plat or credits.)

    So lets say you have 3 roles: DPS, Healer, Support.
    Your DPS role will have souls Q, W, & E
    Your Healer role will have souls A, S, & D
    your Support role will have Z, X, & C
    (all of the above souls being your choice)

    You can also respec any role you want, any time you are not in combat as well, to swap souls out if you decide you don't like one, or want to change things up. (Such as making a tank/healer hybrid; or a dps/healer hybrid for soloing content). Or... buy more role slots and always have it on hand. -- I'd be more specific in that area, but i don't know what class you are playing (warrior, cleric, mage, rogue, primalist). - On one of my toons, i have 13 different Roles i can choose to play at any moment...

    To fully enjoy the game you don't need to spend more than $5. That nets you enough to open up various stuff locked behind the Loyalty tree (such as being able to use the auction house...) - You can view this in the "Rift Store" at the top of the home page, the little colored orbs (loyalty tiers). Click on em to see whats inside, how much you need to get there, what they unlock, etc. But most is fluff and QOL things. $5 is all you need to open up the AH and other stuff that is (at least to me) typically considered a necessity for an MMO.

    The Laethys server is considered the Oceanic server; but content is not locked to the server. Players on any server can interact with any other player on any other server, at any time. This includes playing side by side in open world content; in dungeons and raids, in PvP, and so fourth. And you can "hot drop" swap shards in game at any time (So if you are farming a metal, for instance, and you mine it in X shard; you can quickly hop to Y shard to see if it's there in the exact same location). This is particularly nice when hunting Rare mobs, or "kill X mobs" quests. This is not to be confused with transferring shards/servers, which you can only do once per week (and requires you have no auctions up and running, and an empty mailbox).

    Lastly, i have not read that thread; so i cannot answer that question... and it's too late and tl;dr for me atm. Sorry!

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    That thread is still really relevant... i.e. like 2 weeks ago relevant as holy keeps it up to date. (check the edit date)

    As for what class... I'm always going to advocate mage. They have two souls that can heal well and probably the most competent support role at the moment.
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    As starting f2p, you have 2 char slots and 1 role slot.

    2nd role costs 30 gold, which is easily to get.

    Upon character creation, you can basically check out all different types before finalizing your choice of calling (as f2p starting, that will be warrior, mage, cleric or rogue, the primalist calling can be bought in game with credits or plat through credit seller).

    Initially, starting with patron you will get affinity. Basically, 53 days patron and spending 3 hours in game as patron daily will grant you 8 affinity daily. The daily reward calender gives 15 affinity on the 7th claim/day. That total will get you some 450 affinity, which buys you the starfall expansion pack, granting access to starfall zones and access to level upto 70 (current level cap)

    Without starfall, you will be maxed to 65.

    As for souls.. There are options to buy soul packs and other things in game. If you are starting as f2p (with or without patron), you will not have all soul packs.

    The char creation window will give you the choice for a calling and in that window show you the roles you can play based on the soul packs you have at that point.

    My advice would be to run through those char creation menus for each calling, read the descriptions of the different preset soulcombinations and keep in mind the soulpacks you do not have yet and what they would add if you decide to keep playing.

    With all extra soul packs, you can play any role, especially with extra roles you can buy with ingame plat/money and switch roles for different situations.

    The basics without any soulpacks were rather classic... warrior tank/support/dps, clerric heal/tank, rogue dps/support, mage dps/support/aoe heals.

    All callings have a good solo pve option, but that would also depend on play style and your preferences.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.
    And no, I did not read that other post first, but if you check the last posts in a thread and the update/edit date, you can usually tell if something is relevant enough or not

    Good luck in your travels & welcome !

    Oceanic... I'd say laethys/NA
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