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Thread: How to spend marks of notoriety

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    Default How to spend marks of notoriety

    Hi all,

    With the Carnival leaving me with the max of 50 marks, I'm looking for ways to spend them.
    All my characters are level 50 and split over the factions.
    I've been trying to find out more on the forums and the net, with one of the posts leading me to the plaza in Tempest Bay. Whilst I did find the "notoriety dispenser", it did not give me the option to spend any mark. To no avail I have been scouring Meridian as well for ways for NPC's to take my hard earned (cough) marks.

    I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction, as I'm getting a bit lost here.

    Thanks in advance and have a great experience!

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    You can collect more than the max of 50 you can carry on a character. All you have to do is mail them to an alt and keep them in the mail until you have a use for them/before the mail expires after it is returned.

    You can only turn in the marks once a day at each of the Notoriety NPCs. Each major city has one: Meridian/Sanctum (1-50), Tempest Bay (50-60), Margle Palace (60-65), Alittu (65-70).

    Look for the NPCs with the cube icon. In Meridian one is near the porticulum, next to the Instant adventure NPC.
    -- xcal

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