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Thread: Will I be lost if I boost?

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    Default Will I be lost if I boost?


    I played rift when it was first released and came back a few years later for a bit. Never made it to max level though I did have all the classes in their mid 30's.

    I was wondering if it's worth it to level from scratch or should I just boost to 65 so I can jump right into the new content. My concern is doing this will be confusing and I wont know what to do and having missed out being introduced to the various game elements that are gradually introduced while leveling, I may find myself lost.

    Any thought or opinions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
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    check your current toons.. if they are 30-something, you may still have some basics in that you remember..

    Start with one, play a few levels... if it feels weird, but you still like the calling... restart
    Do so with all 4... and perhaps check the souls you do have and the ones available in store.. Check them in the creation screen or in soultree through mouse overs...

    perhaps you do not have souls that you would like to play or the other way around... ^^

    You can always decide at a later date to get a starfall pack with level 65 boost or a separate 65 boost.. it never hurts to look around first and experience some basics

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    I'd say boost if you don't particularly like the whole levelling process (questing, lore, slow progression etc); don't use the boost and play some Intrepid IAs instead (levelling is fast in them but it slows down after mid 50s so you'll still have a chance to get some basics on the way); or don't use any fast levelling methods in case you really like the lore and aren't in a hurry (older zones and questlines in Rift are spectacular and I'd recommend anyone experience it at least on one character).

    Regardless of what you decide (and that really is up to you depending on your preferences), it's always best to do two things:

    - find a nice social guild with people that are willing to help out with specs and general game knowledge (unless, of course, you prefer a solo play style which is great but then all the research is on you:))

    - find the toon that is the most fun and comfortable for you to play and look up guides (youtube, forums, fansites etc) - don't forget everything changes constantly so you might find even your favorite class different from what it was back when you started.

    Good luck and welcome back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aranka View Post
    Start with one, play a few levels... if it feels weird, but you still like the calling... restart
    Do so with all 4... and perhaps check the souls you do have and the ones available in store..
    This is what I also suggest. Start with one or more at the lower levels, make sure that the current state of that role/soul matches up with your play style. Read the tool tips, go through the soul trees, figure out what abilities match up well with others, etc.
    I've seen people at high levels asking questions about why they can't macro certain abilities together or asking why a certain class works the way it does, rather than the way they think it should.
    I think you'll enjoy your boost and feel it was better spent if you spend a bit of time familiarizing yourself first.

    Hope that helps!
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