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Thread: Back to smite!

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    I used to play this game back when it first got released. I still have the rewards from when I first played. I bought the intermediate pack and the Ascenders Pack with the new roles. I tried Primalist, but it doesn't suit my play style. I normally play as a mage but I will play anything that will give me the biggest edge. I tend to solo play. I do like the look of the Gravecaller but I wanted to know what you guys class as the best solo class for a decent MMO player to play? Played games like WoW, FF14 ect.

    Any suggestions to a class that will be fun to play and good for levelling to end-game. What's Gravecaller like as a class?

    Also, might not fit this forum, but is there any scaling for 4k? All the menus and skillbars are so tiny that I simply cannot play as it is.
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