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    I noticed that new players are disabling the public group setting. respectfully, that is your choice. please be aware that there are major rifts, invasions and elite npcs that randomly spawn that really require a fast forming group. this is the game's environmental design. if you have the public group setting is disabled and these major events spawn, i will not be able to join in fast or easily and to heal, support, tank for you and you will wipe out.

    i highly recommend you keep the public group setting enabled to be safe. the choice or decision is up to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riftloreseeker View Post
    I noticed that new players are disabling the public group setting. respectfully, that is your choice.
    This is where your post should have ended, if you so desperately had to make one in the first place.

    I'll fix your post for you.

    "I noticed that new players are disabling the public group setting. respectfully, that is your choice, but here's a list of reasons I think you're wrong." ~riftloreseeker, 2017

    Curious, how do you designate someone as a "new player?"

    Also, randomly joining others' groups is usually lumped in with random guild invites from halfway across the map. And let's face facts-- there are many people who find that junk annoying.
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    thanks. most of them were low lvl players with no guild doing low lvl rifts and wiping out easily. and ignoring. my says and tells to help them.

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    Default Well

    It speaks well of you that want to be helpful, but if people are not receptive move on. Ignorance can be fixed, stupid can't.

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    I remember I've had my grouping set to Private since I first discovered you can actually do that. With every new alt I make, I do exactly the same thing.

    It's great that you want to help people however help is only appreciated when it's asked for. People might not want to group with random players they don't know, they might be waiting for someone, they might like the challenge of trying to do certain things on their own. You simply cannot enforce your help (and your vision of how other people should or should not play) - no matter how good your intentions are.

    Remember that if you personally have your grouping set to Public, even those who have theirs set to Private will see the "Join Public Group" message, and if they indeed want some help or don't mind grouping at the moment, they'll join your group either way. If they don't, then, as you said, it is their choice to make.
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    Some people are not into public groping, you can offer, but sometimes people just want to take care of things on there own, quick and easy.

    Consider low level rifts and such, yet that was always a good thing about rift because of the join feature people seldom felt alienated they could jump right into the game and start groping.

    People would just come along and join in! I was shocked at the massive event groping when I first started playing. No one got left out.

    You would see many players in a massive grope, going at the boss all at once! Just the scale of it was massive.

    Because of the sense of community this brought about, there was usually always, someone there to keep you up, so you could keep going at it, with little downtime!...and if someone had to much and died, you could quickly get back in the action, with little delay! You know by soul walking.

    Not pre made, they would just join in and have at it!

    When the event was over you could just drop out and begin playing with just, yourself, whenever you wanted.

    That said, its just not fair to force grope.
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