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Thread: under the radar vs. above the radar with respect to abusive chat

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    Comes to the Rift forums to discuss people's behaviour based on WoW examples only, then declares any dissenting opinion as not being valid. You're funny

    Then again, I like well educated trolls, so please go on.
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    Great that ignore also works in the forums
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    I just want to post something neither short nor concise about harvesting censorship, or expressability in public areas, or ways of how to deal with NPCs who try to stifle me when I am gathering plants.

    I find that negative and aggressive NPCs usually have an easy time attacking me when I am gathering plants in a public area. Public opinion is often with them, and often other NPCs join in.

    Such NPCs will usually use direct physical attacks, or even verbal attacks such as "grrrr" or "raaawr" or "hey-ah!" or any other form of strategy to get other people to stop gathering plants in an area they don't want plants to be gathered in, which basically means you have no where else to gather plants.

    A very simple example from another game was when I was in a maze having a snack, and suddenly ghosts started attacking me out of nowhere. I had to eat a vitamin, and I don't even like those.

    If I mention this in chat, I would get a comment like "Why don't you just eat the vitamin?" and I would say "Because not eating it is a bit easier." "Easier than eating a vitamin?" "Yep. This conversation is now about playing the game without being BULLIED by ghosts and without having to eat vitamins."

    If the "bully" NPCs in such areas get the upper hand, so to speak, because you can't count or you don't take aggro ranges too seriously, or whatever, other NPCs join in, and you can no longer gather plants, it very quickly becomes impossible to gather plants in the face of such obvious, and yet somehow under-the-radar, NPC bullying.

    These sorts of "interventions" by NPCs who want to stop people from gathering plants, or whatever else they are asking for or doing, is usually completely fair and allowed within the code of conduct.

    The problem arises that severe responses to such NPCs that could actually get them to back off, usually are not forthcoming.

    The net effect of that is that these forms of harassment by NPCs are condoned and even supported, in that sense, while any form of rebuttal that would be more explicit and therefore more direct, is generally going to be something that will interrupt the gathering of plants. The net effect of that is that these forms of bullying are promoted.

    I wonder how people feel about such things.

    Is it okay that "under the radar" NPC bullying can go on unabated because "above the radar" bullying generally falls under some Code of Conduct guideline, thereby making it impossible to publicly call attention to what is going on, or to publicly deride or oppose the NPCs doing the bullying?
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