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Thread: Buying REX from players

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    Default Buying REX from players

    I've been advised not to buy REX from the AH, because those prices are ridiculous. Here on EU they are going for almost 5K plat now.

    But spamming "WTB REX - Whisper me" on all channels for hours and hours didn't prove fruitful at all. I've been playing Rift solo for a very long time and never use the chat. So, I'm guessing I'm just not doing right. Can anyone give any tips?

    Or is it just that nobody is selling REX anymore? I can imagine that with so little things to spend plat on, there is also very little incentive to obtain it by selling REX.

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    On Brutwacht, there are every Day REX on the AH. Most Time the prises are between 3600 - 4200, somtimes higher but not for long.
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