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Thread: hi need help and i am a new player

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    Default hi need help and i am a new player

    what classes and job are the easiest to learn? i want some thing that wont be hard for end game.

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    The good news is, once your pick your class (warrior, cleric, mage, rogue, primalist) you have a large selection of potential souls to use, so if one soul doesn't fit your playstyle you can choose another one with the same character. Some recommended souls for easy to learn would be:

    Warrior: Reaver
    Mage: Elementalist
    Cleric: Shaman
    Rogue: Ranger

    Not sure on Primalist, don't really play mine much. If by jobs you meant crafting professions, then gathering professions (butchering, mining, foraging) are the easiest to level. None of them are particularly challenging, but I would also recommend Runecrafter, since it lets you break down gear for mats and lets you craft your own runes, something basically every player eventually will want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegeta100 View Post
    what classes and job are the easiest to learn? i want some thing that wont be hard for end game.
    thank u for the info and in game i getting something to lvl up tol vl 40 that why i was asking which 1 is better. i play with 1 hand b/c i am handicap. crafting sound very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegeta100 View Post
    thank u for the info and in game i getting something to lvl up tol vl 40 that why i was asking which 1 is better. i play with 1 hand b/c i am handicap. crafting sound very interesting.
    If you have to play with 1 hand, then your best bet will be to learn about Rift's Macro system.. Using macros will allow you to bind several skills to one key. It should make it easier for you to play.

    Here is a site that explains the macro basics: http://rift.zam.com/wiki/Macros_(Rift)

    Another great Macro guide: http://www.gaiscioch.com/lore/a_guid...at_macros.html

    Once you decide on a class, there are lots of guides on making macros for your class. you can search the forums here.. or just google you will find some.

    You will also find some great class guides on Youtube.
    Grim has some great guides here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GrimGamingRift
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    On the crafting skills..

    There should be an extended guide on forum, but a quick summary here may help you choose, if you want to craft your own gear

    A character has 2 free skills, fishing and survival. Next to that you can train 3 other skills,

    Skills are

    outfitter : mostly leather gear (rogue & primalist) and cloth (mage)
    materials are cloth (drops from humanoid mobs) and leather (animals)

    butcher : kills animals to skin hides and transform those into leather

    armorsmith : Plate gear (warrior) & chain gear (cleric)
    materials: ore/metal, hides/leather

    weaponsmith : swords, daggers, polearms, bows, guns, maul/mace
    used by warrior, rogue, primalist, cleric and mage
    * mage can only use one-handed dagger from weaponsmith
    materials : wood (from foraging) and ore (from mining)

    artificer ; Jewelry (ring, necklace, earring), Wands, Staves, Totem/tomes
    All callings use jewelry, mage & cleric use wand, staff and totem.
    Totem/tomes are combined with a one handed weapon from weaponsmith.
    materials : wood (from foraging) and ore (from mining)

    Apothecary : potions, dyes
    materials : mainly flowers and bones
    bones from killing/butchering animals, flowers from foraging.

    Runecrafter : runes.. enhancements for your gear, to get some extra stats.
    Materials come from breaking gear, weapons, essences..
    Runemats depend on the crafting tier.
    Crafting tiers are 1-300, 301-375, 376-450 & 451-525.

    Mining.. For gathering ore and gems.
    Ore is the basic item you get, gems are a chance drop from ore nodes.

    Foraging Gathering lumber and plants/flowers. Lumber can be processed into wood.

    Dreamweaver : A special craft, that can break down artifacts into dream ribbons.
    Besides dream ribbons, this craft can have recipes with all
    types of harvested materials
    Dreamweaver makes dimension items and dream orbs.
    Dream orbs are like runes used to boost your gear. They are added like
    runes and stack with the rune on the gear.

    Fishing.. fish up fish, dimension items, artifacts or just grey garbage ^^
    You can craft fish lures, to enhance the results.. get more of a specific
    have a better chance at fishing up dimension items...

    Survival Crafting food boosts. Food can temporarily enhance your stats, heal you
    when out of battle...
    materials : meat (from killing animal) fish and cloth for crafting tents

    All skills have the option to do daily workorders. Those reward artisan marks, xp, plat and notoriety. Some skills also have weekly workorders.
    Skill 1-300 is based in Sanctum/Meridian, 301 and higher is based in Tempest bay.

    When you want to supply yourself with crafting mats, you can consider harvesting on your main character and creating a 2nd character for 3 crafting skills.

    You can train more skills on one character, but that would require tradeskill extensions, which can be bought with credits in store.

    A sidenote on your handicap.. runebreaking is using an ability to break something in your bag. That means clicking a button, moving your mouse to your bag, clicking the item in your bag. You can move the runebreak ability icon to your action bar for easy access and move your bag close to the action bar, to make the move/click a bit easier.

    In settings/display, you can resize your bags in case you need the space to aim for the item.

    Enjoy the game

    sidenote on fishing...
    you can, like with the runebreaking ability, move your fishing pole to the action bar for easier access/not have your bag open.
    An alternative for you might be, to have a fishing pole in the top left slot of a bag, keep only that bag open when fishing and move your bag towards the spot you want to fish.

    On the water, look for the yellow and blue circles for deep/shallow water. rightclick the fishing pole in the bag, move to the spot on the water and left click. When you see a popup, rightclick. You may need to do that 3 times before getting the fish in you bag, if it is a blue fish. White fish and grey trash need one pull.
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