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Thread: newcomer question

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    Default newcomer question

    hey my character keeps loosing hit points like in poisoned but i cant seem to find out why what can i do

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    If you're in Stonefield you probably picked up a burning/poison artifact. They're for level 65 folks to revisit the zone and pick up those types of artifacts. Find the buff and right click it to turn it off if you don't want to die. (Or use some healing and hunt artifacts!)
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    You should have a chat tab called *Combat. Look at that one and see what's the name of whatever is damaging you. If you tell us what it is, we should be able to tell you what it's from.
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    check your buff bar.. if you can't see anything in your buff bar, but keep getting poison damage, check your settings.. have all buffs showing on you.. that should also include the poison buff from poison artifacts.. You can click that away from your buff bar, to disable it.

    You will then not see the poison artifacts anymore.

    If you are not under the influence of the poison artifact buff, it may be dot damage from mobs you encountered/fought with
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