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Thread: Returning player

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    Default Returning player

    Hi all I'm a returning player

    I first played Rift when it officially launched with Headstart, got my mage Necromancer to 50 and then the pop seemed to have died off. (Firesand RP-PVP RIP) I've decided to return, start afresh because im bored with the other MMO i play!

    I have a few questions

    Will I be able to run older content well? Dungeons while levelling and such?
    Am I okay using a pre made build or is it better if i create my own build?
    As an EU player am i okay playing on the NA shards?
    And finally, are any guilds accepting new players/returning players and helping them learn the game again?

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    Welcome back!
    Guilds differ, but I bet you could find one with people willing to help. The game now actually puts you into a 'starter' guild when you create your character.

    As far as old content, it works. You can do all zones and quests. Queue's, on the other hand, are very long for low level content. Don't expect to see random dungeon or warfronts pop for low level content. Might get one here and there, but don't expect it.

    You can ask in chat for other players though. I find people to be generally helpful. Be aware that general chat is full of trolls. They do not reflect the majority of the community, but they are much more vocal. Just ignore the trolls and enjoy the game.

    Again, welcome back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozzie View Post

    Will I be able to run older content well? Dungeons while levelling and such?
    Not sure were Instant Adventures (IA) around by the time you stopped playing but everyone now just uses them for leveling up and getting gear, this leads to nobody wanting to run Dungeons at low levels and you really only start to see people doing them from level 60 on, maybe some at level 50 but below that, IAs.

    Only issue with playing from EU on NA is latency and time difference..oh and the "chat" is a bit different from EU

    Welcome back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slipmat View Post

    Only issue with playing from EU on NA is latency and time difference..oh and the "chat" is a bit different from EU

    Welcome back.
    i would say rex costing 5k plat compared to NA 2.3-2.5k is a rather big difference, so much so that i hear EU players come NA to buy rex, also lower pop from what i hear.

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    I play both on EU and NA shards.

    I admit, I do not raid (much/anymore).
    What I find is that population expectancy is not always realistic.

    As European, playing on the NA shards, you may find the raiding times not always handy.. We are on average 8 hrs ahead of NA time. So 8 o'clock in the evening for us is afternoon in the USA and around 4 am oceanic time. Keep that in mind when you want to go for raiding/endgame.

    There is perhaps less population on EU shards, I do have the feeling EU server is slightly underestimated by Trion. The company is based in the USA, the differences in culture and lifestyle are there. And considering my lifestyle I prefer the NA shards.
    But that is a personal opinion, based upon how I live my life. It is not a choice against something.

    European cultures are widespread.. You will find people on the EU shards, who will speak their own language and not often English.

    There are Russians, French groups, there is a German shard.... just about every country in Europe is represented on those 6 shards.. And that's a lot of different languages/groups. But you will usually find chat is in English.

    As for content.. you can run the questlines solo, run around Storm Legion at level 50-60 and mentor up/down for stuff while in a group.

    The Starfall Expansion that will launch next week is owner played.. you will need to own/buy that xpack to be able to level over 65/450 (char/crafting).
    All other stuff.. just ask around, enough people to help out.
    Just keep in mind, warfronts/conquest/pvp is usually only done by players who are maxed in level, so levelling on pvp might be difficult.

    Instant Adventures and interprid adventures are usually fast queues, those adventures take you to many places and are a good way to get into the game again.

    There have been rebuilds for the souls, they added soulpacks with past expansions..
    You should be able to play pretty well with the presets, if you prefer a different playstyle, you can always reset your souls or buy another role slot.

    I made a sort of summary on changes over the last 2 yrs, perhaps you will find some answers there too. http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...t-2-years.html

    Welcome back to the game, enjoy your time and fee free to ask anything anytime.. There will always be players around to help you out
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