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Thread: Earning Platinum outside of Old Raids

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    Default Earning Platinum outside of Old Raids

    What can I grind outside of old raids to get platinum? The ways I have tried to make money include:
    • Gathering and processing thalsite and sarleaf to put on the AH
    • Run the single player chronicle a few times a day for capricious stars and 20 plat a run
    • Done a few non raid weeklies
    • Broken down chronicle and warmonger gear caches into stars

    Gathering hasn't even paid for the savant titles I've bought yet. The single player chronicle get me around 20 plat every 15 minutes but its very boring. The weeklies haven't made much of a dent and the star aren't really selling either.

    Are there any open world ways to make platinum that I am missing? I tried to grind for vendor trash but the mob density and leash range for mobs in this game seems very poor. Its hard to get an inefficient amount of drops that beats the 15 min chronicle runs. Should I try to make amenders?

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    Flip REX

    Flipping is the best way to make money in almost every MMO.

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    Looking at this most excellent resource I especially like:

    4. Practice your wall street skills - Analyze the market. Find underpriced items and sell them with a gain. Start small until your capital grows. Aggressively exert total dominance over your shard's Auction House. Expand your business onto other shards to control the region. Extremely lucrative (and difficult to get started).
    I know about 1-2 people who do this and drown in plat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crithappens View Post
    Flip REX

    Flipping is the best way to make money in almost every MMO.
    flipping means higher rex prices. no thanks.
    a.k.a. slap matt

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    I just literally farm old raids with my 10 warrior toons (plus one mage).

    Nets me 4k+ plat a week. I need nothing else.

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