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Thread: returning player. is it fun?

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    Default returning player. is it fun?

    im a 1200 hit cleric. stopped playing like 8 months ago, just before they started limiting f2p content.
    did many quit because of that?

    any changes to its souls that i should know?
    is crafting still profitable?
    how about pvp?

    im just planning to warfront and conquest.
    are the raid sets still better in pvp than the pvp sets?

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    From what I can see, more people knuckled under than quit. There did seem to be a good many who left, but there's been some new blood and the population is still ok. Very top-heavy, but ok.

    New cleric soul is very similar to pyro imo (fire caster, fair bit of standing still, lots of procs and reactives to manage). Fun to mess with, but cleric's no longer my main so I haven't invested a lot of time in it.

    Top end crafting is still profitable.

    Can't answer pvp questions, I avoid that sh*t show like the plague.

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