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Thread: Second account?

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    Default Second account?


    I've subscribed / had a patron account since early 2012, and have purchased / unlocked a lot of features, like hair and skin styles, mounts, etc.

    I'm interested in having a second account, and I'm fine subscribing / paying for patron status on that account. But I'd really like it to be linked to the first account so that I don;t have to buy skin and hair styles, mounts, and so on. And I'd like to have the patron rank that I've earned on the original account.

    Is this possible? There are other games which shall not be mentioned, where you can create a second (or third, fourth, fifth, whatever) account, and have all of your account-wide features such as mounts, perks, and so on. Just wondering if this is possible with RIFT, and if so, how would I go about starting?

    Thanks, and cheers!
    ~Meadowlark, Hailol-US

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    No, it is not possible.

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