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Thread: Ah, hello; Question

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    Default Ah, hello; Question

    Hi; I am not exactly brand new per say, like this is my first time on the Rift forums, and I have a Rift character and it is level 61 at the moment even though I still don't know a whole lot about Rift, but last Friday, I had won a "Rift Nightmare Pack" of some sort on the Trion Stream last week.


    And they had mentioned to me about possibly getting this pack to me earlier this week, but I haven't gotten a response from them yet; how long does it usually take for these packs to be applied to one's account?

    Thanks for checking this out!
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    Congratulations, did you check your email spam folder for the email from Trion Worlds?
    The email might be stuck in there, if not, check it daily and also check your twitch message box too for updates.
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    and thank you.

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    Also, with all the current issues that have been going on (server/technical), it might be that it's not top priority for CM people to add codes to accounts ... It used to be that if you won something, you'd have to wait a few weeks to get a response. I'd give it a few more days and then send a message again.

    If you're receiving other trion emails without issue, this really should be ok as well

    And GRATZ on winning!

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