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Thread: Brand New to game and forum

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    Default Brand New to game and forum

    As you can see from my signature, I'm new to the game. A whole 5 levels. I'm also new to the forums, partially because I don't know anyone who plays the game and am hoping to find others to play with, because these games get boring by one's self. So, yeah.

    I'm a Cleric / Druid on Faeblight server.
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    Welcome to Rift.

    Don't forget to take your time and enjoy what makes this a great game.

    - Visit the class trainer and reset your souls. Create yourself different combinations of souls, buffs, and abilities for maximum enjoyment.

    - You're not in a race to get to level 65. It's always good to level up but it's alright to enjoy a certain place for a while.

    - Your most powerful piece of armor is your own mind. Knowledge upgrades > gear upgrades.

    - Join a guild family who will play with you and if you can, purchase a mic or headset so you can talk to your friends while you play. It's much more fun to do this even if you mostly listen. They can also teach you new things faster like how to play your character well and where to find cool things without typing and typing.

    Here are questions I would ask myself if I had no guild. Some of these are probably going to be important to you now or in the future. It's alright to leave a guild if it doesn't fit you and still stay friends with everyone you met there but this list of questions should make it easier for you to get one you like right away. PM me if you have more questions.

    Do I want to be in a guild that runs regular events? Rifts, guild only PVP, Contests ect...
    Do I want to be in a guild that groups up for Dungeons and PVP groups often?
    Do I want to be in a guild that has Dimension creation experts?
    Do I want to be able to progress and gain the most epic gear that is only found in Raids without having to change guilds someday?
    - Is raiding casual or hardcore?
    - Do I have to sign a contract to start raiding?
    - What is the Loot system like?
    - Will the guild help me get into raiding?
    - How many groups are raiding?
    - What times and days do they raid?
    - Is scheduling flexible?
    - How are raid calls? Chill or Drill Sgt.?

    What is the community like?
    - Does the guild try to maintain a good reputation?
    - Does the guild hangout and play while on Teamspeak or Vent?
    - Is is a mature only guild or are younger members allowed?
    - Are mild adult jokes humorous to you or do you prefer strict rules about what can be said?
    - How does the guild treat friends of guildmates who are in other guilds?
    - How does the guild feel about Alt characters and their raiding prospects?
    - Are there class teachers who will help me learn to play my characters?
    - Are there crafters who will help me gear up?

    Hope this helps you find a great home base!

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    This is a difficult situation because most guilds you'll join are all at level cap and you'll be just as lonely, except having helpful people to answer your questions and craft you a few things. Philanthropy on Faeblight is a nice guild with helpful people. Or you could hang out in the capital city like on the weekend, and look for newbie guilds starting up. Be sure to also know your normal grouping options like dungeon queues, instant adventures, and PvP, each of which unlock at certain levels (i.e. 10-20). Remember you can shard hop to other shards by right clicking your portrait to find people. You can group up in zone invasions, which you can find using Rift event trackers (3rd party apps online.) You can also join user channels like crossevents, but these will be level cap events mostly. Good luck and welcome to Rift.

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    Smile Welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by DawnHunter View Post
    I'm new to the game. A whole 5 levels. I'm also new to the forums, partially because I don't know anyone who plays the game and am hoping to find others to play with, because these games get boring by one's self.
    Hello, DawnHunter!

    Just dropping by to say welcome to the RIFT game & community! If you have any questions, need any assistance, or just want someone to chat/run content with, feel free to reach out to me in game by whispering Ilyrea@Wolfsbane (NA) or Ilyrea@Typhiria (EU).

    Happy Hunting!
    Ilyrea@Wolfsbane (NA) | Ilyrea@Typhiria (EU)

    Twitch | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Steam

    Ascend today & earn perks by entering my referral code K9FWMTCGZHKE7PKN36YK here!

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    Thank you for the warm welcomes.

    I have 2 friends that are joining as well. We might start a guild of our own. Who knows... I only played for about an hour or so to get where I am so I'm not too concerned about the guild just yet.

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    Welcome to Rift DawnHunter

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    I'm not playing on the NA shards but in Europe, but wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the game as well . It's a great game ...

    As for being alone in a guild - I would think there's guilds out there that are about more than just end game raiding, there's lots of them on this end of the pond. In itself a guild can be a good idea, talk to someone of the guild, join, see if you like it and if you don't, look for another...

    Good luck and enjoy the game!

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    Welcome to Rift, take your time and have fun.
    Rift, acend-a-friend code: E7DNGTZMQKXWGD77CC72
    Trove, refer-a-friend code: TJCQWZ3EK2MGYTEQHT9Q
    and thank you.

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    Welcome to Rift, Kinada (Dawnhunter). the others already covered most of it but if you enjoy Roleplaying, type /join RPUnited and look up faeblightunited.com.

    If you have inquiries you wish to address, along with all these other great people here offering, you may also whisper or send me a mail in-game. I can also hook you up with some starting bags and mount for you and your friends should you wish for it

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