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    Hello guys...
    just a fast introdcution

    Me and 5/6 of my friends are lookin for a new MMORPG

    final 2 picks were rift and archeage. we chose rift cuz better community and less p2w.

    Now, we need a good server with english speakin players. Pls suggest me

    (WE ARE EU)

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    Welcome to Rift! I'm NA so I can't help you with English shard choice, but I'm sure someone will.
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    I have toons on all the EU shards (for AH purposes mostly) except Bloodiron (pvp - I don't DO pvp....)

    I don't have general chat active at all, but the few times I've been in trade, everyone pretty much uses English - Brisesol and Brutvacht use French and German respectively but there are still plenty of English-language posts in trade. Gelidra, Typhiria and Zaviel seem to be pretty heavily English-using at least when I'm on, which is late afternoon EU shard time. As I said though, this is in trade chat - I don't have "normal" chat active on any shard, NA or EU - just spare me *shudder*.
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