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Thread: Tanking help

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    Default Tanking help

    Hello, i am a rogue who is new to the game and am working on a tanking spec. I chose the default tanking preset called rift stalker. I was wondering if anybody could help explain the terminology and give me tips. I hear hold aggro alot and don't know what it means. I usually shadowblitz to start the mob and then use instigate so one of them attacks me. Then I use my aoe attacks. What am I missing?

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    Welcome to Rift and welcome to tanking!

    The presets are generally considered to be okay, but not great.

    "Hold Aggro" means getting the enemy to attack you and keep attacking you. If while you're tanking an enemy (mob) runs away, you "lost aggro."

    Here they discuss losing threat and why you should never use a taunt right away.

    For more details on how taunts work read this.

    Hopefully, if you brush up your build and save your taunt instead of using as your second spell you won't have issues going forward.
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