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Thread: Collector Edition - bag slots locked

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    Default Collector Edition - bag slots locked

    I bought the collector edition and preorder when the game first came out.

    I was reading another thread on the forums that said people who had the collector edition or regular copy of the game before it went free 2 play, will have all their bag slots, but new free 2 play accounts would have to purchase an unlock to open all their bag slots.

    So I'm just wondering why I have 2 bag slots that are locked and can only be opened with the green crystal things that you have to buy?

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    There are 7 slots in total, before F2P iirc there were only 5 slots.

    New Accounts: 3 unlocked, 4 locked
    Accounts with hard copy game codes/collectors edition etc: 5 unlocked, 2 locked

    You have to buy the locked ones with credits to unlock them.
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    That reply is right. Whoever said all bags are unlocked was dead wrong. The two bag slots were added for only cash shop purposes.
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