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Thread: Hello, I'm a user of magic?

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    Default Hello, I'm a user of magic?

    Hello everyone! I started playing this game with a friend which likes to play with a physical dps that uses a sword so I thought it would be good to choose a spell dmg dealer which can also heal. I picked Cleric>Flame Keeper and idk if it's the best option. So I'd like to ask what is a good magic class(Mage/Cleric) to use that does magic dmg and can heal for decent amounts?

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    Either of those classes can damage or heal just fine, clerics have more healing options, mages have more damaging options. The beauty of rift is that you can have different soul setups for different situations, allowing you to switch between healing and damaging with one character. If you're looking for a character who both damages and heals at the same time though, I'd look into Chloromancer (Mage soul).

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    Cleric Flame keeper is more a healer than a damager. If you want more damage but still have some healing (mostly healing by doing damage) the you want a Cloromancer mage (Sage is the preset for that)

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