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Thread: Lost in a sea of stuff....

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    Default Lost in a sea of stuff....


    Just hit level 40 on my rouge and just needed a little guidance, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost right now with all these items, currencies, artifacts, and npc's...

    I"ve been clearing maps and doing quests but everything seems so disorganized. I have no idea what to do with items, and all these currencies, I hardly see anywhere to spend any of them. And I have hundreds of artifact sets with just one artifact in the set. Every day I get one when I log on and they just keep building up with one. How come I never get one that will go in the same set?

    Npc's are really confusing, they are just all clustered about with no rhyme or reason.

    So do I just keep doing what I have been, clearing maps, and hopefully some day I'll find a use for this stuff?
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    What shard are you on? Perhaps someone will also whisper you in game to give you more guidance, anyways here's a brief breakdown of some of your problems.

    Here is some info on currencies according to the lovely website RiftScene:

    Sourcestones - can be gathered by closing Rifts, killing planebound Bosses, and defeating different stages of an Invasion and the type of Sourcestone dropped is dependant on the level of the creatures being slain. This currency is used to purchase Epic gear for fighting against the powers of the planes.

    ■ Planarite: Purchse level 5+ Epic quality item.

    ■ Cursed Sourcestone: Purchase level 20+ Epic quality item.

    ■ Vile Sourcestone: Purchase level 30+ Epic quality items.

    ■ Inscribed Sourcestone: Purchase level 40+ Epic quality items.

    ■ Infinity Stone: Purchase level 60+ Epic quality items.

    ■ Empyreal Sourcestone: Purchase gear that is in stock from an Adventure vendor who will have items for 50+. These items bring us a new feature to Rift which allows you to upgrade an item to develop up to a more powerful state by purchasing augments from the same vendor.
    In each zone you quest before reaching Brevane and Dusken there is a Rare Planar equipment vendor. They are usually located around the main quest hub in that zone. For example in Laternhook there is a Rare Planar vendor NPC.

    Artifacts: Besides the one in your daily gift you also find artifacts laying around in the world as small shiny things that you can loot. Sometimes you get them from fishing and other methods. Think of them as basketball cards laying all over the world and each card belongs to a set, once you complete the set you get a reward of some sort from the Artifact NPC in your main city being Meridian or Sanctum.
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    In each zone there is a large city/ town/ encampment for your faction that will have vendors called "Planar Goods Vendor" and "Rare Planar Goods" vendors. You can spend the various currencies that you have accumulated in those zones.

    Keep in mind, "Planarite" is useful everywhere, from level 1 to 60. However, Each zone will give a particular type of currency when closing Rifts, defeating Invasions and Footholds, Zone Events and some quests (mainly daily quests). As you're at level 40, you should be able to find some useful gear in Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands, Shimmersand and Stillmoor. The first two require Vile Sourcestone and/or Planarite, whereas the last two will require Inscribed Sourcestone and/or Planarite.

    The other currencies you can get are related to PVP, Crafting and Dungeons. I'm not sure if you have any of those yet, but the vendors for those currencies are found in your factions capital cities. Ask the city guards where stuff is. The guys who turn the icon into a big "?" when you mouse over will mark your minimap where that NPC/ vendor is.

    Good luck, and add "Lifemender@Faeblight" and ask questions if you see me on.

    Welcome to Rift and Telara. Good luck!

    EDIT: There are several thousand artifacts, and I think close to 1,000 artifact sets. So it will take a lot of effort to fill them all up. If you don't want to be bothered, just sell them on the Auction House. It will take a long time to fill up all the sets.
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