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Thread: My Warrior Build

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    Default My Warrior Build

    can someone tell me is my warrior build good enough for solo and group ?

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    I think with those choices I would put all 15 in Champ. You could put 8 into RB to get flamespear, but not really necessary.

    I believe Seppy has a pretty decent guide for Paragon.
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    You created 3 threads on the same thing... just post whatever in that same thread. And use the warrior discussion section.
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    Default Yes for groups No for solo

    Paragon is a pure single target dps specc not a good aoe or solo specc.

    Solo i recommend warlord/champion hybrid here is a good guide on it.
    At 60 with some decent gear you can solo in riftblade. Also riftblade is a great specc for groups as it can do some decent aoe damage, good single target damage, and still do some dps from ranged(not as much as in melee or tempest).

    When soloing you want a specc with self heals in it otherwise you will struggle in storm legion.

    In groups you can use a number of different speccs paragon, tempest, riftblade, champion, warlord. All of them good at different things.

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