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Thread: New Player Subscription Question

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    Default New Player Subscription Question

    I'm having a hard time figuring this out: does a subscription also give you a monthly supply of credits for the store, or is it just the few buffs mentioned?

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    I belive it gives you new credits each time you pay, in addition to the patron status.

    I'm not 100% sure because my 1 year sub doesn't run out till october, but it makes sense that they would seeing as I had a ton of credits to start with when rift went F2P because of the 1 year sub is my guess.

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    There is no monthly 'stipend' of credits for being a Patron, 30-days Patron time gets you 7000 Loyalty, as you suspect Patron status just gives you some buffs, some are passive always-on, others a daily vial. I haven't heard of their being a credit gift for simply buying the Patron time and can't believe there is, otherwise subscribers are worse off than those buying time in the Store.
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    No, there is no ongoing allowance/allotment of credits given to you for being a patron. You will get a big chunk of loyalty up front as soon as you make the payment for the subscription. But you will not receive any extra credits.

    All you get on an ongoing basis are certain passive always-on buffs (+10% or +15%, I forget which, to all gold earned) and then some daily rechargeable abilities that buff by 40% XP, notoriety, tokens, favor, and prestige. You can build up up to 7 charges of each, and each charge lasts 2 hours, and they all recharge at a rate of 1 charge per day.

    I personally think it's a pretty good deal; I am currently a patron and happy with it. As with anything, YMMV.

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