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Thread: Howdy

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    Default Howdy

    Just a hello from a confused returning player ….

    I played the game back in beta and release , left for work reasons (Army) and in my general relocation lost my book with all passwords to my games ….no biggy I am so lost starting fresh will be better and less confusing.

    Speaking of lost o.m…gawds...when the heck did we all become so lovey dovey? Guardians frolicking with Defiants …. I made a defiant got to level and jumped into pvp and

    I know I am a blond and I was pretty sure I made a defiant, so imagine my confusion when I was placed as a guardian……………………

    Anyway still taking it all in and went ahead and subbed for the little perks and shiny stuff. Glad to be back and playing again, but a warning to all you guardians; I am still not sure about the whole singing around the mulberry bush and being all peaches and cream so no funny business ;)

    Happy Hunting and Hope to see y'all in game.

    * D
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    Welcome back!

    Yes, lots and lots of changes, and loads of additions. On PvE shards we even share chat channels between guardians and defiants now, just as the mercenary system for warfronts and queueing 'together' for dungeons and such. We can be in guilds together, raid together and what not ...

    Enjoy the game again - starter zones have been simplified, leveling should be nice and smooth ... and you have the SL zones to look forward too as well - but don't forget to check out Ember Isle at around level 45, it's a great zone!

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