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Thread: Newbie starting over and a tip about choosing class

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    Default Newbie starting over and a tip about choosing class

    I went back and forth over which class to choose. Mage or Rogue. Necro/Lock or Pyro/Elem or Ranger/Bard or Marksman/Ranger. Finally I just gave up and basically did a coin flip.

    I figure I will play my character until I am tired of it and start a new one, or, just play a zone and when I move on to next zone start an alt and redo the first zone with alt. Then just go back and forth.

    So my tip is this, don't agonize over the choice. Pick something you think you will like and just play it. The game is very forgiving and if by some bizarre chance you completely mess up (this would be really hard to do) then just make an alt and mail all your gold and other stuff to your alt.

    I spent a few days reading over all the changes, all the combinations of class souls, and I could have spent those days actually enjoying the game. Just go for it.

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    Picking class do not mean you pick a role. For example, when you pick a Mage you have the possibility to make several roles with what ever Mage souls you want in them.
    As for example. I have 10 roles slots. I have 3 raid chloro specs, 1 personal chlorospec, 1 pvp chlorospec, 1 pyro, 1 harbinger, 1 archon, 1 pvp-pyro and 1 warlock. Depending on the situation i can switch to what is needed.
    This is the base of the soul system in rift. You are not hooked to one role only, you can play all. Of course you will get stuck on a soul that you like more, but never the less you have the choice to change.

    So when you start playing Rift, the only choice you really have to make is what class to play. When you got the class you can add roles and play what ever you want within your class and the souls the class have.

    How ever, making one of each class and try that out is not a bad idea. I know many people leveling one each to 15-20 and then make a choice of what will be the main char.

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    I first got a mage to 25, didn't like healing on it. So made a cleric and got it to 44, didn't like the tanking on it. Then I went rogue to 47, and love everything about it except support.

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