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Thread: Transfiguration Bauble: Bows to guns?

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    Default Transfiguration Bauble: Bows to guns?

    I am keenly interested in this as a Rogue type.

    I cant stand bows! I much prefer guns/rifles.

    I have read that a Transfiguration Bauble bought in the Rift Store will turn my bow into a gun, though on top of THAT, I also need to purchase the skin/transfiguration-wardrobe-item thingy too.

    Can I get a walk through on how to do this?

    Kinda confused....

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    If you have a bow, you need a gun to copy the skin from.

    Open transfiguration bauble by right-clicking it. It will get 2 slots, one is source where the gun goes, other is target which will get the skin from the gun, a bow in this case. Then just press the button and equip your new bow which goes "bang".

    This is a one-time reskinning and you need to redo it for any weapons you aquire later on.

    If you are still leveling, there is no point to reskin all bows to guns as you will get a choice between those 2 most of the time anyways.

    You will also find that the gun noise is extremely irritating and will drive you nuts, you'll appreciate your bow later on
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