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Thread: Wardrobe Bundles

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    Default Wardrobe Bundles

    I'm thinking about buying a wardrobe bundle for my warrior, if I do so, will I be able to keep the wardrobe gear on all the time, even if my gear changes? and is it BoA, like could I send it to other characters to wear?

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    Yes, the wardrobe slots will hold the pieces until you take them out or replace them. The wardrobe slot must be chosen and then that will be the visible armor on your character. Another player can "inspect" you and see what stat armor you are actually using, but you will still look like your wardrobe choice.

    As for BOA, I'm not sure (haven't done it myself), but once you use the armor it may stay with your character. BOA usually means that it can be traded before being equipped to another of your own characters, but not to another player or sold on the auction house. I do know that some items can be used, removed, and sent around, but not many.
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