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Thread: Few questions! Help!

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    Default Few questions! Help!

    1.) Is crafting still useless? I played at launch and it was an uber waste of effort. Few things helped while leveling then end game there was nothing.

    2.) What else can you fish up besides fish? Any rare treasure chests or things like that?

    3.) Are the classes balanced? Example, I am a druid right now. Are they decent at PvP/PvE? What about the Cleric Tanks? Are they viable end game?

    4.) As a Cleric who plans to do everything (Tank/heal/dps) what tradeskills will help me? (I assumed crafting potions apothecary or runecrafting...)

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    1. Crafters make necessary consumables for endgame play. Their weapon stones and potions and runes and plating and insoles are required.

    2. Yes, you can fish up treasure chests as well as artifacts.

    3. Sorry, I don't pvp myself, but from what I see in my guild, every class can and does pvp.

    4. As said above, all crafts make useful and/or required items at endgame. As a cleric, you'll be using all of them if you plan to raid. The very best weapons and armor and accessories are raid tier, of course, but the crafted items are very high on the bis lists.
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    The teasure chests you fish up used to reward plat, now the reward Bind to Account Dimension items and maybe a scroll or potion or two. If you fish something up besides fish, hope that it's an Artifact, as those can be sold on the Auction House, sometimes for nice plat.

    Crafting in Storm Legion, especially using augments, will get you the best gear you'll find leveling outside some of the Random Dungeon drops and/or rewards. The Seals and augments you make are very valuable as well.

    Artificer makes Wisdom Seals, Augments, as well as Rings, Neckaces and Wands. It is very, very helpful to be an Artificer as a Cleric. The only other potential class would be Armorsmith. Now that you can buy extra profession slots, the ideal set up would be all three gathering professiosns, Artificer, Armorsmith, Runecrafter (to make runes and Runebreak items) and possibly Outfitter, only because they get more cloth drops than any other profession.
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