Hi brothers and more importantly sisters,

I'm a returning mmorpg gamer from the netherlands, played WoW for a long time from TBC until that panda crap came out. 21 years young and fresh to start a new virtual life in the world of.. rift..things.

I've played rift before when it came out but stopped playing it eventually. Still have an account where I bought the game on, but currently unavailable for access since I lost my authentication thing..

Anyway the reason why I'm posting this is because even though I've had some great times raiding and hardcore gaming, I'm more interested in the social aspect of the game, but not ''noob social'' as you can see. I feel I've grown past the current level of new players and thus I'm looking for a guild with members who have a good sense of humor, some reasonable gaming skills and most of all; Class.

Like I said, I'm currently awaiting for a trion employee to remove my authentication thing and as soon as that's solved I can either continue the level 50? defiant I still have or create a new character. Either way I hope my pressence in your guild will become of good use, and I'm also in no way a boring guy at all.

Would like to hear from someone soon!