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Thread: LEveling tips/spec

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    Default LEveling tips/spec


    I am lokking for leveling tips such as which profession i should take etc and if there is some tips is useful to know when you are leveling

    and another question what is best spec for leveling in respective classes warrior,cleric,mage and rogue

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    Their really aren't "best" specs. The spec you level with should be one you enjoy playing. What's more, you might be better off looking through the various class discussion forums to get class specific answers. I can tell you what I liked to level with, but that doesn't mean you'd like the spec.

    Some specs have pets you need to manage, some are ranged, some are melee, some focus on AoE, some on single target, some do more DPS but are more squishy, some are really durable but take a while to down mobs.

    You should try to figure out how you like to play, and then ask more specific questions.

    All that being said, my preferred leveling specs for each class are:

    Warrior - Warlord / Champion (36) / Paragon (0)
    Cleric - Very hard to pin down, but the anchor soul is the Druid (melee DPS). The other souls could be Inquisitor, Cabalist, Shaman, Justicar, Defiler. Who knows. It's up to your preference.
    Mage - Harbinger / Chloromancer, melee mage.
    Rogue - Can't help you. I'm not a Rogue fan, and the spec I leveled with was terrible, lol. Tactician seems to be very popular, so ask around.

    Good luck. More specific questions get better answers.
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    Most Rogue levelling specs go 4pts into Tactician (Curative Engine, passive self-heal when you get hit) and 8pts into Riftstalker (Boosted Recovery, self-heal on kill) for the self-healing abilities, which massively help with survivability and reduce downtime almost completely. After that you can pretty much just dump all your points into whatever main tree you like the looks of.
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    Really it depends what class you are, what levelling play style your going to do and if you got storm legion Xpack or not. Xpack souls are Tempest Warrior lighting mage soul, Tactician rogue flamethrower AOE soul, Harbringer the Mages melee soul, and Defiler the clerics hybrid soul. For levelling almost anything works just fine from what I understand.

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