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Thread: new startting player, class question

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    Default new startting player, class question

    I was creating my character and I got to the end, and then it asked what type of character I want to be and gave some "thematic" options I suppose but none I wanted

    what i wanted to do was start rogue saboteur and maybe tactician. but it isnt letting me choose specific souls but what seems like a set of souls, what gives I thought we could customize what souls we wanted to use.

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    You can swap out the souls once you actually start the game, once you put points in anything though, you have to go to your respective trainer to clear it out for a nominal fee

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    The suggested builds are there to help completely new players to start playing. Once you are ingame, you can switch out your 3 souls any time you have no points spent in that soul and are not in combat. If you have spent soul points in a soul that you want to switch out, go to your calling's trainer to reset all soul points. It is free up to level 15 or so, and only costs a bit of gold after that (increasing as you level up).
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