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    Default Server / Starting new questions

    Im going to start to play Rift now that it's free to play, and I have a few questions. And I want your guys opinions.

    1. A PvP server means you are forced to have PvP toggled in the open world? Is that the only difference?

    2. Does anyone know about the ratios for each faction in any of the PvP servers? (example: 2:1 Guardians to Defiant)

    3. How is Necropolis PvP server and Seastone PvP server?

    3. Is there any major difference besides the races in Guardians vs Defiant?

    Anything I should know?

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    1. Yes about the open world pvp. There are other differences, such as no grouping with the other faction either and hostile npcs at faction outposts in some zones.

    2. Sorry, no idea. However, the warfronts and conquest are across a cluster of shards and the sides are generally balanced as the queues are filled.

    3. Don't know yet since Necropolis just opened up.

    4. Nope, just the lore.

    Welcome to Rift!
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    Welcome to the game and enjoy it

    Maybe I'll once get the courage to transfer to a PvP shard...

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