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Thread: Defiant to Ember Isle

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    Default Defiant to Ember Isle

    As a Defiant, can you use the same way as the guardians do to get to Ember Island? Or do you need to travel differently?

    I'm trying to level up in mining and I'm thinking this is the place to go to get to and pass 300. I'm about 287 now. I went as an Apothecary and I leveled up there. Hopefully, I can do the same with Mining.

    Thank You
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    At 287 you can just go to Storm Legion zones and mine there.

    If you insist on going to Ember Isle, travel outside of Meridian and turn to your right (I believe this is south-southwest). Continue traveling while remaining close to Meridian's wall (you will turn a corner of the wall making another right, I believe traveling west-northwest) and up a small hill. The Defiant travel stones are on the hill. They should appear identical (or at least extremely similar) to the Guardian stones.

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