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    Default Welcome Back - A Guide to What's Changed

    Just getting back into RIFT and trying to figure out what's changed?

    The short answer is: A lot!

    Fortunately one of our awesome community members has put together some cliff-notes for you that give the biggest changes for each update in an easy to read bulleted lists:

    The biggest things to keep in mind:
    • Reset Your Role! In mid October we reset everyone's specs due to the number of adjustments made to all of the souls in preparation for the launch of RIFT: Storm Legion. We now have preset "Purposes" available for you to quickly get back into the game while you figure out what's changed and find the roles that work best for you! (Purposes can be selected in the Soul Tree window if you have an empty role)
    • Faction is Fiction: Defiant & Guardian players on PvE shards can now play together in most activities - whether it's in dungeons, raids, guilds, rifts, or pvp!
    • Character Transfers are Free: You can transfer any of your characters FOR FREE every 7 days to available shards in your region.
    • Instant Adventure allows you to quickly and easily explore a zone and level up or earn Planar Attunment points through shared group quests that automatically scale as your group's size changes!
    • Planar Attunement is our take on alternate advancement. You start unlocking PA points to further customize your character at level 50+
    • Mentoring means that you never grow out of content - Mentor down to a lower level while still earning XP and planar currencies you can use at your actual one. That means every level just unlocks even more content for you to enjoy! (To mentor down right click your character portrait and select "Set Ascended Mentor Level")

    Over time we've also made significant advancements with our server technology - this means that more players can fit on fewer shards! You may have noticed that your shard is now a "Trial-Only Shard"

    We strongly recommend moving off of these kinds of shards and over to our super populated Mega-Wargroups, there's a community waiting to fill anyone's cup-of-tea:

    North America:
    • Deepwood
    • Faeblight (Roleplay)
    • Greybriar
    • Hailol
    • Laethys (Oceanic)
    • Seastone (PvP)
    • Tulan
    • Wolfsbane

    Europe - English
    • Bloodiron (PvP)
    • Gelidra
    • Typhiria
    • Zaviel
    Once again, welcome back to RIFT - it's an exciting time in Telara and thanks for being a part of it with us, have fun!
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