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    Default PvP Partner

    Heya , just returning back to the game after a much needed rest and seeking a partner for some good PvPing , I'd like to start from lvl 1 and pvp all the way to the top. Don't care about your skill lvl i like to mentor, just want someone fun. Reply here or msg me for more details, cheers all.

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    P48 Mage Pocket healer mostly
    P36 Rouge MM/Sin
    P10 Cleric

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    From what I understand, the PVP servers aren't terribly popular these days. Not sure if there are too many PVPers at all, and far fewer still offering advice in the Newcomers forum.

    I would check out the PVP forums, search around and perhaps ask your PVP questions there:

    Faeblight (US PVE-RP)
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    Look for any toons in the Cosmic Rhinocerii "guild". They're all me!
    Don't hesitate to say "hi!" if you see me. Always looking for new Rifters to help. If you need, just ask!

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    With Warfronts and now Conquest it's so easy to find a random group/raid to PvP with in Rift, try it ;) If you want come to Shatterbone server and join us there, you'll always have someone to PvP with.
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