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Thread: Where are the venders that accept all these sourcestones as currency?

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    Default Where are the venders that accept all these sourcestones as currency?

    I have been looking around for a while, changed from WoW where all the venders were in the capital city but I cant seem to find them anywhere. Please help!!!!

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    In the starting areas:

    Guardians - South Argent Glade
    Defiant - Kings Retreat

    Going forward, they're usually pretty close to porticulums in the bigger towns/cities of each zone.
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    Yes, the different sourcestone currencies spend at the different zone planar goods vendors.

    Silverwood - Argent Glade - Corrupted
    Freemarch - King's Retreat - Corrupted
    Gloamwood - Gloamwood Pines - Cursed
    Stonefield - Granite Falls - Cursed
    Scarlet Gorge - Crimson Wash/Frayworn Rock - Cursed
    Scarwood Reach - Granitewood Crossing/Howling Plateau - Vile
    Droughtlands - Lantern Hook - Vile
    Moonshade Highlands - Threesprings - Vile
    Iron Pines Peak - Whitefall - Inscribed
    Shimmersand - Fortune's Shore - Inscribed
    Stillmoor - Warden's Descent/Broken Vale - Inscribed
    Sanctum - Inscribed
    Meridian - Inscribed
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