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Thread: Breaking in a MMO newbie to RIFT ?

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    Default Breaking in a MMO newbie to RIFT ?

    Hey everyone. I'm not a new player, but I'm just throwing this out there for my girl friend who is seriously very new to PC gaming as a whole. She wants to give RIFT a go, and she has played bits here and there before. The only problem when she plays is that she is very... robotic in the way she plays the game. It's like... W, to go forward. Then adjust what direction you are facing. Strafe to get in line of sight perfectly. Mouse over the abilities and click. It's all just very rigid. Anything past the starting zone is going to just be a large shock for her.

    Her gaming backround is limited to things like FPS consoles, Madden, and basic mobile gaming. She's all about the Sims games, but when it comes to "WSAD" type games, she is just very basic.

    Now I've been trying quite a bit to help guide her along to getting into the game the best I can, but I'm going to be honest... it's painful. I'm attempting to come up with some games to help smooth out the "challenges" of WSAD movement and MMO/RPG elements that I guess I just take for granted after all this time.

    Here's what I've come up with, and if you have any advice or have gone through a similar situation, please add.


    America's Army 3 training course - WSAD movement
    Half-Life 1 training course - WSAD movement
    Oblivion - WSAD + inventory management + spells and abilities
    Toontown Online - I just don't even... but I'm trying.

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    My girlfriend is the same way. It just takes time and practice.

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    Here's how she can practice getting used to WASD.

    Find a design on the ground that has three or four points spaced fairly close to each other in some sort of polygon shape. Have her stand on one point and jump to a random point. Get her to do this quickly, using the mouse to turn and reposition. This should get her fairly comfortable quickly
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    My boyfriend had this issue as well. He quit when leveling around Iron Pine Peak (Lv 44ish) but by then, he at least got the basics of movement down. It was painful watching him play in Terminus and Freemarch...

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    Get into a good, supportive and social game and it'll be a breeze.
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    All it takes is practice.

    I remember when I first started Rock Band, I had issues playing Medium bass, but as I kept playing, I went on to harder songs, and harder difficulties. Now, I play mostly on expert, getting 98% to 100% on most, only dropping to Hard on the hardest songs.

    Back at the start, I found it difficult to press the 3 coloured buttons as I should, now the 5 buttons go automatically, I don't really have to concentrate to hit each of them.

    Practice, practice, practice.

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    It will grow on her, and she will come to a point were you are, don't worry, just give her time. Also let her have the chock. Be there with her and let her die through the whole thing until she understand and the coin drops. Don't overprotect her, and if your getting stressed out by looking how she is playing and commenting on every little thing you think she does wrong, then just give her instructions and let her work it out and call for you if she is stuck and need you. It will go faster that way. Boyfriends can be quite a pain with teaching out games sometimes ;)

    My first hours in this game was an horror, my co-player had to come and make a char and help me through it, because i actually died in there many times, and most of that depended on me not being able to move and fight at the same time without having to look at the keyboard

    Anyway it took me quite a while to figure it out, and i think i must hold a record in dying to much in starting area, but never the less it grew on me, and 1.8 years later i am still playing

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    leave her to play for hours.
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    Should just grow on her as people have mentioned.

    A lot of us grew up playing a whole bunch of different kinds of games that 'built up' our 'gaming skills'/ability to do things that game designers think we can do.

    I.e., Super Mario helped with jumping and puzzle solving (to an extent). You've got the basic FPS that didn't have a shoot up or down ability, but only on a fixed plane. Eventually we moved up on to more 'advanced' games that required more mouse movement, coordination, muscle memory/etc. Should just take time.

    (also, I think Oblivion would be a pretty big leap for someone relatively new, and I think it'd be harder to get used to than Rift due to its design.)

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    just don't pick on her too much or she'll stop playing.. and that would be tragic.

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