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Thread: Welcome to the Newcomers Forum!

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    Default Welcome to the Newcomers Forum!

    Welcome to the Newcomers forum! Whether you're brand new to the RIFT community, or simply looking for basic info about RIFT, you're in the right place.

    Here are some important links that will help you get started in the RIFT community.

    Dev Tracker - When one of the RIFT developers posts on our official forums, the post appears here on the Dev Tracker.

    News & Announcements - This is where all official RIFT news and announcements are posted by the RIFT Dev and Community Teams.

    Patch Notes - This is where you will find the patch notes for all current and previous RIFT patches.

    RIFT Support Center - If you ever have a billing, game account, or tech issue that you need assistance with, the Support Center is the place to go.

    Tech Support Forum - For any tech-related issues or questions, this is place to go.

    Below are links to helpful guides written by RIFT community members that may help you get started in the world of Telara. (You'll find our full RIFT Community Guide Compendium here.)

    New Player Guides

    Basic Newbie Guide to Playing Rift - Written by Silverangel69

    Auction House - Written by the ZAM Rift Community

    Tanking 101 - Meatshields in Telara - Written by Elicas@TT

    Soul this and soul that. - Written by Miku

    The "Things I wish I had known sooner" Thread - Written by Archaegeo

    The Welcome NEW Players Thread! (Safe Haven for Questions) - Written by Sinfullysweet

    Newly Level 60 Guides

    The One Level 60 Guide (PVE) - Written by Seatin


    Rifts and Invasions Guide - Written by the ZAM Rift Community

    Classes and Souls

    Beginner Guide to Souls - Written by Miku
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